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Tue, Jun. 8th, 2004, 03:20 pm
macilwen: LOTR Danny and Ro bunny

Name of Bunny: Elladan, Elrohir, Amrod, and Amras vs. Valar (i.e. huge humongous prank war)
Desired Length: Relatively long...
Genre(s): Humour
Rating: No higher than PG-13
Characters: Two sets of twins (Danny, Ro, Rodders, Ras [full names above], Elrond, Maglor, Glorfindel, melodramatic!Legolas, Valar
Ships: Whatever you want...
Description of Bunny: Amrod, Amras, Elladan, and Elrohir decide to declare a prank war on the Valar. When they play one prank too many, will they be able to get out of deep hot water?

And Elrond and Maglor are reunited.

Sun, Mar. 21st, 2004, 08:47 am
mynuet: (no subject)

You know the standard scenario wherein Ginny receives love letters from a secret admirer, and then in the end it turns out to have been Draco all along? "You'll know me because I'll be the one carrying a rose/wearing green/with the other half of this necklace/etc/etc/etc"?

What about if, at the time of the big unveiling, the wimpy boy writing the mushy letters is standing around waiting and Draco decides to have a bit of fun picking on him? The boy flees, Draco is left holding the object de recognition, and that's when Ginny arrives.

If I were writing it, Draco would be a bit shocked at being apparently hit on, but after she kisses him, he notices just how cute she looks all dressed up, and thinks there might be some benefits beyond just companionship, so he goes along with it. There's certainly other potential outcomes, though, so if you take the bunny, just let me know where to read what you did with it.

Tue, Dec. 23rd, 2003, 12:14 pm
magdaleina: A Harry Potter bunny for a change (in my pace anyway)

For people who write Sev well -- canon sev, that is -- and would like a challenge.

Name of Bunny: The Overdone and Nearly-Impossible-To-Do-Well Snape Romance (or something shorter that fits the plot better)
Desired Length: As long as you like so long as you can get the whole idea in
Genre(s): Romance/Comedy (gosh, this sounds exciting already, doesn't it. but wait, my story gets better)
Rating: Shouldn't go above PG-13, unless you want it to
Characters: Snape, other canon characters, with the option of adding OCs for small decoration.
Ships: For all the canon!snape shippers out there
Description of Bunny: Yes, I want to see a romance. But I want to see it well-done, in one of the only possible ways for Snape to end up in one. Sheerly by his own blunder, so to speak. The scenario is this: Trelawney, for whatever reason and much to Snape's consternation, predicts that he will find himself in the throngs of "true love" during the school year. Of course, seeing as how it's Trelawney, Snape brushes it off at first, but as time goes on, and his eyes wander, and being more aware of how people are responding to him, now, he starts to basically psych himself out. Suddenly, he's not sure he disbelieves her, and if she's right, then he has no choice but to try and undo this "prophecy" before it gets out of hand and ruins his job, his reputation, and his life. He's basically out looking for whoever his "match" might be; and he'll sample from mainly students and teachers. Eventually, he'll come to decide on who it most likely happens to be, and proceed to make himself as unpleasant as possible to them to ward them off. However, because he's basically chosen his ideal match through careful analyzation, he'll have more trouble getting rid of them -- or finding the will to get rid of them -- than he ever imagined.

Mon, Dec. 22nd, 2003, 09:11 am
mynuet: Hermione bunny

So, I was listening to music, as I often do, and was assaulted by a plot bunny wearing a bushy brown wig. It's from a Shakira song, english translation to follow, and the basic premise is that, sometimes, it'd be damn annoying for the coolly intellectual Hermione for her girly heart to be fixated on such a complete blockhead as Ron can be.
I lose all arguments and methodology, every time that appears before me your anatomy. Because this love doesn't understand any more good advice or reasons; it nourishes on pretexts and it's half-naked. This love doesn't allow me to be on my feet; it has removed my claws and even if I get up, I'll only fall again. If you come near, nothing is useful for this useless girl.

(chorus)Stupid, blind, deaf and dumb, clumsy, odd, stubborn; it's all I've been, for you I've been converted into something that does nothing except to love you. I think about you day and night, and I don't know how to forget you.

How many times have I intended to bury you in my memory? Although I say 'never again', it's again the same old story. Because this love always knows how to make me breathe heavy, dragging me in from left field and put me at odds with the world. If I could exorcise your voice, if I could escape from your name, if I could rip out my heart, hide myself away so I would never again feel stupid, blind, deaf and dumb (continue chorus)

Haggard, skinny, ugly, disheveled, clumsy, stupid, slow, irritable, jumpy, completely out of control, but when you notice you don't say anything. My head's turned into a mess in which only you have sanctuary, and you don't listen to what I tell you. Look, you have to decide what you're going to do with me. (chorus)

So, yes. There you go.

Sun, Dec. 7th, 2003, 08:17 pm
magdaleina: Weehoo, LotR bunny

This isn't heavily developed, and I reserve the right to try this out myself once I've finished giving all the books a thorough read. Mind you, before this is adopted, I want to discuss the idea further with anyone who is interested, as I would like to see it develop. This is less an offer for adoption and more a request for collaboration of any sort.

Name of Bunny: (optional)
Desired Length: That all depends. More than one chapter, I think, unless someone can make it into a oneshot
Genre(s): Lord of the Rings
Rating: Your choice
Characters: Any canons you can legitimately fit into the plot, plus an OC, which will be explained.
Ships: Whatever your happy heart desires. This is a skeleton of a bunny.
Description of Bunny: I asked myself a happy 'what-if' question. When Sauron forged the One Ring, he embued (sp?) it with an essence of its own, right? Furthermore, it does possess its own consciousness, otherwise it would not tempt, and it would not wish to return to its master, right? Now, going on that, assuming that the One Ring has its own essence, and moving on the fact that energy (spiritual and all others) cannot be created or destroyed, only moved and changed, what happens when the essence moves to something else? Does Sauron have a 'get out of jail free' card, so to speak? Developing on that further, what if the essence moved not into another inanimate object, but was reborn in a living being instead?

Sat, Dec. 6th, 2003, 04:47 pm
maniacalmuse: (no subject)

Title of Bunny: The Hufflepuff Sue
Fandom: Harry Potter
Desired Length: Probably chaptered, though if you can manage to make it a one-shot it would be fun as well.
Genre: Humour, somewhat like a parody
Rating: PG-ish, probably
Characters/Ships: a Hufflepuff OC/canon throwaway in Harry and co's year, Hermione has to be in it as well, for reasons that you will see below.
The Bunny Itself: You know those tiresome Mary Sues that outshine and outsmart Hermione in every aspect in those plebey American Transfer Student fics? Yes, I hate those too. But I had a bunny one day, to make a character that DOES attempt to outshine/outsmart Hermione in every way. But here's the catch.

First of all, the OC (or, if you want to use a canon throwaway like Megan Jones or whatever) must not be Gryffindor/Slytherin/Ravenclaw like those Sues tend to be, but a Hufflepuff. Second of all, she's not naturally better than Hermione in everything, but works her arse off to beat Hermione (academically/socially/whatever) in a neurotic desire to be 'better' than the girl who is best friends with the Boy Who Lived. Perhaps it's an unhealthy sense of competition that drives her, or perhaps it's personal narcissism. In any case, make her a bit weird and very determined. The determination and willingness to do hard work fit with Hufflepuff qualities, I'd think, and Hufflepuff is the forgotten House, for good or for bad. A Hufflepuff Sue is uncommon, and this challenge kind of 'addresses' it without making the character actually a true Mary Sue.

I'd write it myself had I not had fifty billion WIPs and things already on my plate. Comment on this entry if you want to tackle it :)

Sat, Dec. 6th, 2003, 09:40 pm
loopily: (no subject)

Welcome one and all to sparebunnies, the place where your unwanted Plot Bunnies can find a home, saving you time, energy and skin on your ankles.

So, shall we get started?